Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cakes & Loves

My darling girl playing with Teddy & Cocoa.

Caught this creature crawling on my ceiling 1 night. Scared it would drop on my face while i was asleep. Haha...

My course has started. First lesson was really pretty easy. Shaping & painting. Happy tomorrow i have lesson again.
Today was spent making cookies & cake.Cookies done by Christabel. Quite nice.
Cake was more difficult. We decided to make a durian cake. On our 3rd attempt, we finally succeeded. It was 2am.
Happy at finally succeeding, i got to decorate it 1st. Put my name on it. Yipee.... Pretty!!!
My friend then put his big fat name on it. Erm.....kind of ruined my lovely cake.
Our first slice of the cake. AWESOME.
Im going to let my bf try this, awesome!!!


  1. hey sonia,which church do you go to??
    keep updating :)
    i'm your fan man,haha

  2. Hi, i attend service at City Harvest. :)

  3. all the best in your new course!

  4. oh haha awesome :)isit at expo or jurong???

  5. oh haha,awesome :)
    hope to see you more on clicknetwork.com
    very entertaining