Thursday, January 14, 2010

Its been more then a month since my last post. Haha....Been too busy. Christmas was busy, had a CG celebration. Exchange of presents.
Happy family of E388
Busy doing my baking cake business. It went pretty well with quite alot of orders for Christmas.

You could tell i'm very lovable, so many ppl gave me presents. Hee....
My best present is having the presence of my loving bf.

Log cake looks nice, doesnt taste that great.

Busy playing Upwords with my bf. We never kept score but somehow, i'm the winner every round.
Busy partying our way into 2010. All dressed up. Group of us got a room at Fullerton hotel. It was right infront of the fireworks, really beautiful. Too bad, i didnt have my own camera. Cause my daughter dropped it on the floor.....its spoilt.
2010: A new year with new dreams. I have 7 dreams that i hop to fulfill by year end. Hopefully it can be done.

Went JB with my bf not too long ago. He doesnt like taking pix.

And renewed my passport. This pix is really ugly. I look damn fat.
Most importantly, been busy looking for a school for my girl. Finally found it, fully subsidised. Yes..... Now every morning, i got to wake up early send her there.

Giving my doggies the love they need.

Busy selling some dresses & doing nails.
Lastly....I found this.
Few nights ago i was watching tv. I saw this couple own this miniature pig. Its so small, at full grown u could still carry them like a baby. Simply adorable. I have always love pigs & this is the perfect pet for me. But the thing is, Sg does not allow us to keep pigs as pets. Sadly.... Well, i do have plans to migrate someday. And when that someday comes along, this teacup piggie im definitely getting one.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I havent been out for a really really long time.....
Till last week. Heehee.....
Last wed was at Shanghai Dolly. Ladies night............Drank so much.

Monday was at Shanghai Dolly then went over to Social Hse.

And i was at ZoukOut earlier on. Worked for RipCurl. It was pretty boring there but work was easy.

I had better sleep now, i have service tml morning. Some happening stuff happening at church tml. :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Agape Home

Not sure if anyone watched this video on Channel Newsasia last night. It is very sad to know that so many innocent children are infected with HIV. It's like a death sentence. There's no cure to it. It brought me to tears. We are indeed blessed to be where we are. This Christmas, will you help someone out there that is less fortunate? I & my bf have decided to help them, not just by ourselves but by letting others know too. I hope you watch this & help them by donating. It would be great if i have 6mths to 1yr, i would volunteer to help out. Every child is precious, there's no reason they have to be rejected by society. It's a season to be giving. It's more blessed to give than to receive......

bploi wai dtaai: Leave Her To Die Documentary from Think Positive on Vimeo.'>http://

bploi wai dtaai: Leave Her To Die Documentary from Think Positive on Vimeo.

To donate, please go to:

Monday, November 30, 2009

The season to be jolly...

Since Christmas is coming, bf & i got presents for my girl. She got impatient & tore open the small present when i wasn't ard.

Lately i started watching this dvd. Really addictive show.
My girl & i on the bus to central. Her angry face is caused by me not allowing to use my camera to snap photos.
At last, she got her way. Making all the funny faces.

Did some online shopping today. Shop for FOOD at Melvados...........
1 Cranberry Brownie
1 Butter Croissant
1 Premium Pistacho Ice Cream
1 Rum & Raisin Gelato
1 Strawberry Cheese Ice Cream
1 Black Pepper Chicken
1 Chicken Curry & Bread
1 Tandoori Chicken with Sauce
1 Magherita Pizza
1 Mushroom Soup
Total came up to $121.10. Yum-yum.....storing up for Christmas.
Thought of buying a Christmas tree to make this year's Christmas more special. Have to look ard. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KL Emerge' 09

Hi everyone, im finally back from KL. We stayed at this hotel.
I was put into children's church. Actually at the nursery side so was quite easy for me.
During the noon, after the morning service ended we would walk ard at the shopping center.
My room mate, Joey & i. Same cellgroup.
Here are some of the kids i looked after. Really adorable.
Oh....this really chubby baby. Going to miss them, see them next year.
And of coz, how can i leave KL without a picture of pastor Kong right? So here it is, pastor Kong with the team from Singapore. standing right beside him.
The tall guy is Caleb Treat, the son of pastor Casey Treat. Great men of God.
The days went by so fast. On the way home.
Til finally home with my beloved girl & Teddy boy.
Its going to be a busy week for me again, rushing through my things. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Its been a rather busy week for me.
I been exercising.
I had been coughing since saturday night after the movie.The guy beside coughed non stop, i think i got it from him. Oh noooooo......
Stuck this on my wall infront of where i always sit. Its the perfect prayer.

Got an encouragement bookmark for my lovely bf.

My stamp collection.... I been collecting stamps since young. If anyone has stamps, PLEASE give me. For collectors, we can trade. I have really rare stamps.

Wednesday i had class. Wanted to go for a swim but it started to rain. Had lunch with sis & mum. I think whats important in my life is really spending quality time with love ones.
*Life is so short, so unpredictable. Tomorrow is not a promise, its a chance.

I coughed so much on wednesday night, i couldn't sleep. And i lost my voice, i didn't go class the next day. So sad. So i stayed home & do my own nails. Met my bf then headed to Mustafa. I got 2 Michael Jackson dvd for my mum to watch. Feel sick..... :(
I stayed home on thursday, played my keyboard & sang songs. My voice was really hoarse but i know that God thinks its perfect.
Today, 13thNov is National Kindness Day. There were ppl giving out flowers on orchard. I thought it was pretty funny. Coz they encourage us to show kindness to others today, so that means for the rest of the 364 days i can be unkind??? HEEHEE.....kidding. I'm nice.
*Today, i told my bf i appreciate him. I showed kindness. ;p
I had work earlier on. Was pretty easy, just have to smile. I smiled till i have a headache.... Still hurts. Worked with 4 other really nice girls. They were so bubbly.
My Teddy baby, im hugging him now. He loves kissing ppl. He is so adorable, follows me everywhere.
I'm going to miss my mum, girl, bf, Teddy & Cocoa soon. I'm keaving for a mission trip to KL on 19th(thursday), will be back on 23rd(monday). It's alwaz been my dream to go on mission trips so i can help others. I may be just 1 person & i'm small. But i can make a difference. And with other members, we make a great difference together. My next blog entry will have to wait till i'm back. Will be busy next week.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thursday cellgroup gathering was at my cellgroup leader's new condo. Really nice. Makes me dream of buying one someday. Saving up. :)

My baby bf got a cross to hang in his car. Lovely.

Friday was spent exercising, haven't sweat so much in years. At night, i watched Jennifer's body. Find it so-so. Wonder why i find chinese shows are crap but not shows like this....

Saturday was spent lazing in bed. Did nothing much.
Sunday church., my girl threw a tantrum after service. She went home straight away. Children, sometimes have to be really strict.

Bought a new book: The ten critical laws of relationship. (Robb Thompson)
We are not just talking abt BGR here but just any kind of relationships.
Cellgroup member lent me the other book. Heard it was good, nearly bought it the last time. I would buy to keep if its really good. I heard Mitch Albom's books are pretty good.

Tomorrow i'm gg to exercise again. My body is so weak, i need to keep fit. Started on supplements. Surprising after taking it, my outbreaks stopped.
*Home & hugging my girl & baby Teddy. LOVES