Thursday, January 14, 2010

Its been more then a month since my last post. Haha....Been too busy. Christmas was busy, had a CG celebration. Exchange of presents.
Happy family of E388
Busy doing my baking cake business. It went pretty well with quite alot of orders for Christmas.

You could tell i'm very lovable, so many ppl gave me presents. Hee....
My best present is having the presence of my loving bf.

Log cake looks nice, doesnt taste that great.

Busy playing Upwords with my bf. We never kept score but somehow, i'm the winner every round.
Busy partying our way into 2010. All dressed up. Group of us got a room at Fullerton hotel. It was right infront of the fireworks, really beautiful. Too bad, i didnt have my own camera. Cause my daughter dropped it on the floor.....its spoilt.
2010: A new year with new dreams. I have 7 dreams that i hop to fulfill by year end. Hopefully it can be done.

Went JB with my bf not too long ago. He doesnt like taking pix.

And renewed my passport. This pix is really ugly. I look damn fat.
Most importantly, been busy looking for a school for my girl. Finally found it, fully subsidised. Yes..... Now every morning, i got to wake up early send her there.

Giving my doggies the love they need.

Busy selling some dresses & doing nails.
Lastly....I found this.
Few nights ago i was watching tv. I saw this couple own this miniature pig. Its so small, at full grown u could still carry them like a baby. Simply adorable. I have always love pigs & this is the perfect pet for me. But the thing is, Sg does not allow us to keep pigs as pets. Sadly.... Well, i do have plans to migrate someday. And when that someday comes along, this teacup piggie im definitely getting one.

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