Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunday night, at home with my girl. Painted her nails pink. She is vain, always asking for lip gloss & for me to paint her nails.

Monday went to look for my sister at Tampines with my mum & girl.

My sis's dog. Old & not feeling well. Poor boy.

My nephew, simply adorable. His birthday coming soon.

Kids having fun on the ride.

When she is happy, i am happy. :)

Teddy boy at home sleeping in my room.
After going out the whole day. Tired, tired, tired....

Today i learnt to do gel nails. My lesson is getting more fun. Tml i have class again, YIPEE!!!

Had Bible studies earlier on, was good. Learnt some new stuff:
Old Testament, 8 names compounded with the name Jehovah.

Jehovah Tsidkenu-----"God is my Righteousness"
Jehovah M'kaddesh-----"God is my Sanctification"
Jehovah Shalom-----"God is my Peace"
Jehovah Shammah-----"God is Present with me"
Jehovah Rapha-----"God is my Healer"
Jehovah Jireh-----"God is my Provider"
Jehovah Nissi-----"God is my Banner"
Jehovah Rohi-----"God is my Shepherd"

Yay.............Cant wait for friday, wanna go jb with my bf.