Saturday, October 31, 2009

In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory of a great friend, Albert Lin.
He will alwaz be remembered by me. I knew him when i was 14yrs old, half my life.
Now that he is gone, never will i see his cheerful face again. He was a great friend. Da-bao sushi for me when i said i was hungry. Bought blue roses just cause i liked it, just to cheer me up. We talked till the early hours. That voice, i wanna hear again yet i never will.
I am shocked to hear of his death. Unable to accept it, i so wanted to call him over & over again.
I so wanted to call him for months but kept dragging. Last week, i finally called. But no one answered. I finally knew why yesterday. He is gone.
I lost this great friend to drink driving. He was a passenger in his friend's car.
I hope no one else drinks & drive, let this be a reminder to everyone else out there.
I am deeply troubled by this. He will be greatly missed & remembered by me & all the ppl who knew this great guy.

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