Friday, October 23, 2009

Those wondering how my hair looks now......Here it is.
.........I know its ugly. No choice, since i ald cut it so short.
I finally got the bridal pictures. Waited half a yr for this. I just post one here, the rest are in 'My Profile'.

I been pretty busy the past few days. I feel i neglected my blog. Hahahaaaa.
Been spending alot of time with my girl. Since she's not in school now, i got to look after her. Its tiring but absolutely fun.
She likes taking photos. These were taken when i was having my bath.

My adorable Teddy. Sleeps in my room every night. Smart boy, he enjoys the air-con.

Brought them for their 3rd jab on tues. Poor babies....

Cocoa. Did i mention that she hops like a rabbit? Weird huh....

Me getting ready for work earlier on. My hair.....*SOB SOB*

The new Nokia phone. Nice model. Im going to get the new N97, its damn cool!

Yipee.....time to go home. Wanted to go out but since my friends decided to go to a pub, i shall go home & rest.

*Home & hugging my love ones. Miss my dearest bf lots & lots & lots. Seeing him tml, yipee!
Nite nite everyone. :)

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