Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My 2 doggies before they had their fur cut short. I actually prefer them this way.

Sunday after church, i went to the dog farm at Pasir Ris. Went to see my big dogs.
This is Raulphie, he is really old ald. Lost alot of weight.
This is Oscar. I like him, used to pretend to sit on him like a horse cause he is so big. Too bad he cant come home.
Thats my mum's hand. Disturbing another dog with a 'siew-mai'.
Then i saw this dog. It has no fur at all. I wonder what breed is it.
Thats Teddy after grooming.

Sleepy head.... Peep at me & went back to sleep.
I'm so busy lately. Class, spending time with my family & work.
*Drinking my tea before i sleep. :)

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  1. LOl..your dog looks super cute even after fur cut :D