Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KL Emerge' 09

Hi everyone, im finally back from KL. We stayed at this hotel.
I was put into children's church. Actually at the nursery side so was quite easy for me.
During the noon, after the morning service ended we would walk ard at the shopping center.
My room mate, Joey & i. Same cellgroup.
Here are some of the kids i looked after. Really adorable.
Oh....this really chubby baby. Going to miss them, see them next year.
And of coz, how can i leave KL without a picture of pastor Kong right? So here it is, pastor Kong with the team from Singapore. Oh.....im standing right beside him.
The tall guy is Caleb Treat, the son of pastor Casey Treat. Great men of God.
The days went by so fast. On the way home.
Til finally home with my beloved girl & Teddy boy.
Its going to be a busy week for me again, rushing through my things. :)

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