Monday, November 30, 2009

The season to be jolly...

Since Christmas is coming, bf & i got presents for my girl. She got impatient & tore open the small present when i wasn't ard.

Lately i started watching this dvd. Really addictive show.
My girl & i on the bus to central. Her angry face is caused by me not allowing to use my camera to snap photos.
At last, she got her way. Making all the funny faces.

Did some online shopping today. Shop for FOOD at Melvados...........
1 Cranberry Brownie
1 Butter Croissant
1 Premium Pistacho Ice Cream
1 Rum & Raisin Gelato
1 Strawberry Cheese Ice Cream
1 Black Pepper Chicken
1 Chicken Curry & Bread
1 Tandoori Chicken with Sauce
1 Magherita Pizza
1 Mushroom Soup
Total came up to $121.10. Yum-yum.....storing up for Christmas.
Thought of buying a Christmas tree to make this year's Christmas more special. Have to look ard. :)

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