Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Its been a rather busy week for me.
I been exercising.
I had been coughing since saturday night after the movie.The guy beside coughed non stop, i think i got it from him. Oh noooooo......
Stuck this on my wall infront of where i always sit. Its the perfect prayer.

Got an encouragement bookmark for my lovely bf.

My stamp collection.... I been collecting stamps since young. If anyone has stamps, PLEASE give me. For collectors, we can trade. I have really rare stamps.

Wednesday i had class. Wanted to go for a swim but it started to rain. Had lunch with sis & mum. I think whats important in my life is really spending quality time with love ones.
*Life is so short, so unpredictable. Tomorrow is not a promise, its a chance.

I coughed so much on wednesday night, i couldn't sleep. And i lost my voice, i didn't go class the next day. So sad. So i stayed home & do my own nails. Met my bf then headed to Mustafa. I got 2 Michael Jackson dvd for my mum to watch. Feel sick..... :(
I stayed home on thursday, played my keyboard & sang songs. My voice was really hoarse but i know that God thinks its perfect.
Today, 13thNov is National Kindness Day. There were ppl giving out flowers on orchard. I thought it was pretty funny. Coz they encourage us to show kindness to others today, so that means for the rest of the 364 days i can be unkind??? HEEHEE.....kidding. I'm nice.
*Today, i told my bf i appreciate him. I showed kindness. ;p
I had work earlier on. Was pretty easy, just have to smile. I smiled till i have a headache.... Still hurts. Worked with 4 other really nice girls. They were so bubbly.
My Teddy baby, im hugging him now. He loves kissing ppl. He is so adorable, follows me everywhere.
I'm going to miss my mum, girl, bf, Teddy & Cocoa soon. I'm keaving for a mission trip to KL on 19th(thursday), will be back on 23rd(monday). It's alwaz been my dream to go on mission trips so i can help others. I may be just 1 person & i'm small. But i can make a difference. And with other members, we make a great difference together. My next blog entry will have to wait till i'm back. Will be busy next week.

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  1. you never fail to surprise me when you share more stuff about yourself..never would i imagine you to be a avid stamp collector though i was one myself when i was in primary school. don't know where all my stamps went already, if not i can give you. hee...

    anyway, all the best in your mission trip! i'm sure it'll be a really meaningful and rewarding trip. God bless!